When I first started blogging I did not have the best paragraphing structure this made my posts look funny. The help from friends and my teacher Mrs.Kriese allowed me to get my blog posts the way they look today.

Seventh Grade

When I first arrived at seventh grade I thought it would be a walk in the park. But, that first night I was stacked with homework. I immediately new that I was in for a rude of awakening. That next day we had long lessons with boring class activities following behind. This seventh grade year was going to be horrible.

At school I thought teachers are supposed to be nice and lenient. but, that was not the case the teachers did not care what you did and get mad at you if you don’t do your homework. Teachers also don’t like to repeat themselves more than twice or else they get mad again. Although they might not be to nice they do teach you the best lessons ever and help you learn so much.

In seventh grade I thought that making friends would be easy but it was not easy at all. All the kids are just hanging out with the kids from sixth grade and don’t really want more friends. So this make makes thing hard especially trying to fit in with everyone else in your grade.

I think seventh grade was a great experience of learning. The teachers helped me out. Also, my friends helped me in class trying to help me with my homework so I could finish. Seventh grade was the


I was inside wanting to go outside but had nobody to play with and had nothing to do. Until, I met Ethan Brown!

Ethan was my very first friend . I found out that he’d moved from Illinois over the summer and that he didn’t have any friends yet, so I went to his house and introduced my self to him and his parents. Later on in that day he came over and asked if I wanted to go hang out at his house for the evening. But, it could not be long because we had school tomorrow.

At school the next day we had a new seating chart and I got to sit by the new kid Ethan Brown. During class we always kicked each other and threw paper balls at each other. The next day we went on a field trip to the capital  and Ethan didn’t know much at all about it. But Ethan really enjoyed the trip.

During sixth grade we started to not like the same things and started to hang out with different friends then we started to not hang out at all. That’s when we found new friends. My new friend was Jace.

Friendship is an important thing to have in your life it can take you long ways in life.



Mo memorized the doctionary

But just can’t seem to find a job

Or anyone who wants to marry

Someone who memorized the dictionary

– Shel Silverstein

To me this poem means that just because you have memorized the dictionary doesn’t mean that you can get a job or get married. But to me Mo memorized the poem to get smarter to see if that would help him get a job and get married. This is really the first time I have heard of Shel Silverstein and the first poem I have read from her, but I think they are really goofy and weird that’s why I like them.

Week 6: Media and a News Story

Right now, in the news there is a person from Fort Hood military base who has shot 14 people and killed 4 people. The soldiers locked and loaded the weapons and hit the streets. The soldiers closed down the whole city so that nobody else would get hurt.

This event is very important because he was killing and injuring perfect innocent people. This is also important because many soldiers had to put their lives on the line to find this horrible cold blooded killer!

Week 3: Favorite Quote

“Don’t be afraid of failure. This is the way to succeed.”

-LeBron James

LeBron James is a famous professional NBA basketball player for the Miami Heat.

This quote means every time you fail it can only make you much more stronger.  It can also mean never give up because, it will eventually make you stronger.

To me this means every time you fail at something, doesn’t matter what it is, it will only improve your skills at that subject or talent and make you stronger every time You end up failing.

Lake Austin

The sound of motors roaring from other boats in the background. the partiers laughing across the water. The bids chirping behind all the noise. Lake Austin is my favorite place to be.

One reason I love it is because it is quiet and really relaxing.
The calm water make your body feel like you are floating on a cloud. Lying in the front of the boat staring at the sky or sitting up looking at the calm lake in front of you is really relaxing and calm.

Lake Austin is fun because there are so many things you can do. My personal favorite thing to do is to wakeboard and wake surf. There are also many restaurants you can eat at on the lake that serve really good food. You can also watch wakeboarding competitions close to these restaurants so you don’t have to be on the boat the whole time.

The reason Lake Austin is my favorite place is because all of our family come and we have an amazing time together. We also all do different water sports so we get to watch each other. This is why Lake Austin is my favorite place.


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Moving here from Canyon Vista has been a hard transition for me. WRMS has been fantastic for me and I have learned a lot on my iPad and from all my teachers. Thank you for welcoming me in your wonderful school.
This weekend we are moving into our new house a few miles from the school. I’m ready for our long drive to school to be over with.I have had the best first week of school I have ever had out of all the schools I have moved to and from. I have made many new great friends and have met a lot of nice and caring teachers. This has been the best transition for me and I could not have ask for it to go any smoother for me.